Suppose you have a garage and wish to add an accessory dwelling unit to it for earning regular rental income. In that case, you should consult credible companies in the field of ADU construction. This company has a team of professionals to help you construct the unit you need to regularly earn rental income every month.

ADU attached to the garage – Consult companies for floor plans

When you want an ADU attached to garage, you should have a good floor plan ready. This is where the expertise of the professionals you hire comes into play. They will inspect your premise and create a functional floor plan to help you optimize the unit for rental income on a regular basis. However, there are possibilities of complexities that might crop up. Experienced and skilled companies in the field of ADUs will consider them and find out feasible solutions to ensure your ADU is constructed without hassles.

Building regulations and floor plans

They take into account building regulations and ensure you get a floor plan for the above. Good companies have a skilled project management team of experts that work with you to determine the scope of the home expansion. In this way, you can secure financing for determining the best floor plan for your unique goals and needs. They help you understand clearly all the legal parameters involved and more.

Credible companies will always strive to be more than just a valuable resource for ADU construction. They endeavor to be your long-term companion when it comes to conceiving, developing, and executing the necessary dwelling unit for your home. Good companies commit themselves to customer support, sustainability, and the execution of the ADU. This is what sets them apart in the crowd.

Types of ADUs for your garage

There are generally two types of ADUs that can be added to a home structure. They are as follows-

1.    Attached ADU- In this type of ADU, the addition is adjoined to your primary home. It is either to the rear or the side of your home or constructed on the top of your attached garage.

2.    Detached ADU- This type of ADU refers to a stand-alone construction that is separate from your primary home. It is built as a completely separate unit, or it can be constructed over any present accessory structure like a detached garage.

Some companies specialize in the conversions of the garage so that you get a complete living space from the garage that you have. This can either be constructed on the top of your garage or have your whole garage be converted and changed completely.

Good companies will ensure the integrity and the longevity of your building structures. They specialize in the ADU design and simplify the process of developing the plan for the attached or the detached ADU. The team of experts dealing with the ADU attached to garage helps you in the property evaluation, its finance, unit design, and a full range of valuable services that streamline your project to save materials, time, and money.

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