Many gambling fans are attracted to bets, casinos, and slots. It’s interesting to try your luck occasionally, but the reluctance to even somehow earn hard money is something that inspired us to write this article.

On the Internet, you will find many different “win-win” methods and “useful” methods that, if they worked, would break all the top casinos back then. But it didn’t happen, which means they are no longer “win-win”

We will not offer you an easy way to make money on the machines, tell the winning strategies and learn to crack a casino. We will give you some logical and effective tips to help you save money and play as much as you want.

Pay attention to the payout percentage

Each slot machine in an online casino has a certain percentage of payouts, and as a rule, it is higher than the slot machines in real casinos, which attracts a lot of players.

We will not go into mathematical calculations, let’s just remember that the higher the percentage of return – the more chances to win, because this indicator indicates what percentage of the total value the machine gives to players.

Slot providers often do not hide such information, and if you are interested, you can find the full payout table, in the context of slots and bets. So, for example, NetEnt slots according to official data gave 95-98%, Playtech according to network information-92-98%, MicroGaming-88-98%, and each slot machine is different. Last year, NetEnt’s most “giving” slot was considered Blood Suckers, at MicroGaming – Megaspin Break da Bank, and at Playtech – A Night Out. Everyone has a payout percentage of almost 98%.

It is generally accepted that gaming machines that pay less than 93% are not profitable. The most profitable have 97-99% of payments.

Manage a Bankroll

As in poker, you need to handle the money correctly in the slots. You must have your bank management, which will allow you to bring a certain balance in the game. It must be determined in advance, regardless of the outcome of the game, because any gain, such as loss, is intoxicating to the psyche, and then, in happy excitement or with a desire to recover, you can lose everything.

The golden rule: determine your budget for the game (or per day), and under no circumstances will exceed it. Indicate how much you are willing to lose money and a sufficient amount of winnings, after which you finish the game today.

When you’re lucky it’s hard to stop. The same in the case of losing money. If you lose on the marked line – exit the casino, relax, be interrupted. In any case, do not sit down to recoup. Yes, sometimes it can be done, but in the long run, “it’s not worth it.”

Get extra Bonuses

Before you start playing in a casino, you should study the offer market so that, firstly, do not miss the registration bonus or first deposit, and secondly, choose the most suitable institution for you. But, so as not to be fooled – only play at licensed casinos.

In casinos, as well as in poker rooms, you can receive cashback for games, bonuses, free spins, and many other gifts and privileges by entering a promotional code or by fulfilling certain conditions. This will help to earn more. Often bonuses are actively distributed by casinos to poker rooms.

Explore Online Casinos

In addition to having bonuses when choosing a casino, pay attention to the available withdrawal methods and additional cash out conditions so that if you win, you won’t be in an unpleasant situation when you find out you can withdraw without betting only a certain percentage of the deposit or even with no payment system that suits you.

To check the software, the quality of the game, and the format of the new slots for you, you can try a free game (for conditional chips). Almost all casinos offer it.

Tune in to the game

First of all, you need to play slots for fun, and not on a cold calculation, so it is better not to sit down to play slot machines in a bad mood. Winning in this case will not bring much pleasure while losing will take you to the tilt, where you can make many mistakes.

You should not rush the game, especially if in bonus games you have to make important decisions or make a choice between cards and other items.

Work on yourself

As mentioned above – there is no win-win scheme for playing slots, but you can try to play according to one of the currently existing strategies, the essence of which is to set a certain size of the bet in a specific order. They help to structure the game process and reduce possible losses. There are seven popular network strategies for successful slot games, but we’ll talk about them later.

You can also systematize your game and the size of the bets yourself.

Do not try to crack the slot

No matter how you get lost in a casino, you should never search online for ways to cheat slots and/or online casinos. Instead of looking, you’ll find a ton of scammers trying to “enter” you with idle schemes and “miraculous” programs. Hacking an online casino will not be easy even for the most advanced hackers, considering how much money licenses cost to use on their security.

Relax and have fun

Honestly, I myself am extremely annoyed by people giving advice not to tilt. That seems simple. But the method is really effective. You just need to relate to everyone in order of greatness more easily.

Slot machines can really make u enter a trance zone where you keep thinking the next role will be good even when you are already on a losing streak. Learn to accept it and play will be easier.

Although, without emotion, the gaming spaces are unrealistic. To see it, just check out our weekly selection of emotional reactions from online casino streamers.


These are 8 simple tips that I think are useful to know for every newcomer to the slots and even to some veteran players.


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