Network monitoring is a vital IT process that involves observing the bandwidth utilization, operations, data traffic, and uptime of network servers. It includes keeping track of and analyzing the various critical hardware components which constitute the network servers. These are the switches, virtual machines (VM), servers, routers, firewalls, and the connection which interlinks them. Network monitoring even necessitates surveying the various data communication layers and endpoints of the servers.

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Now, the question is, what network performance issues small companies face are? Entrepreneurs operating small companies need to ensure the optimum performance of their business database network servers 24/7. Only then is it possible for them to successfully conduct their commercial operations in the market? However, many of them often come across network outages which hamper productivity and cause huge financial losses. These network performance issues usually are the result of:

  • Cyber-hacking activities criminals carry out to gain access to the data in their network servers,
  • Misconfiguration of the various hardware components making up their business network servers,
  • Hardware device failures, and
  • Excessive Internet traffic is beyond the capacity of their business network servers to process.

Role of skilled IT managed service providers in network monitoring

Many of these entrepreneurs might not employ qualified software professionals specializing in networking monitoring in their workforce for cost considerations. It is prudent for them to hire and work with reliable corporate IT-managed service providers in this situation. IT managed service providers are third-party corporate enterprises responsible for remotely managing their customers’ information technology (IT) infrastructure and network servers. These companies provide a diverse array of services for their business customers. Accordingly, these managed IT vendors charge their customers on the ”pay-as-you-go” pricing structure for the services they render. This allows these entrepreneurs to focus their attention on their companies’ core income-generating activities.

The experts of IT Managed Service Providers San Francisco perform the following functions in the area of network monitoring:

  • Conduct a thorough technical analysis and internal audit of current networking solutions to assess their performance,
  • Install and configure the various hardware components and devices making up the network servers,
  • Maintain their customers’ information and communication technology (ICT) systems and equipment,
  • Assist the customers in buying and implementing the right networking server solutions for their businesses,
  • Investigate the unusual increase in data traffic in the network server to avert cyber-security threats, and
  • Ensure proper compliance with the SNMP or ICMP networking protocols.

The specialists of IT Managed Service Providers San Francisco conclude by saying hiring corporate-managed IT service providers to carry out network monitoring functions benefits entrepreneurs. They can concentrate on other critical areas of their companies to take their businesses to the next level. However, this is possible only when they appoint the right corporate-managed IT service providers who meet their requirements. The companies they shortlist should have a good market reputation, as evident from positive online customer testimonials on their websites. Moreover, the specialists they recruit should possess the relevant experience and technical expertise. Above all, the prices of the companies should reasonable and within the entrepreneurs’ budget to get a strategic edge in the market.

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